Our Manifesto

EPA daphni ModifiedDear Greeks,

We are appealing to you in all sincerity, with disinterestedness and affection, inviting you into an undefiled and fair fight for the rebirth of our Homeland.

The World Wide System is in fatal morbidity. The ruling political order, lacking ethics completely, whilst enslaved into lust for money is totally paralyzed. The so called civilized/developed world is going through a catalytic crisis. Institutes are mined, values are corroded, civisms are disregarded, consciousness is challenged and our citizens are led into poverty, are slandered and deceived.

Within the financial and political arena, unsolicited entities as well as unsolicited ruling orders lacking legitimate and democratic merit, are deciding on behalf of nations their fate for their political, social and financial status.

The international political and financial order, as it now apparently seems, cannot materialize the visions of the nations for peace and prosperity. On the contrary, they opened the way to a global autocratic governance. The large international Organizations seem to be week to implement in practice the very purpose for which they were established to serve. More especially, the European Union is unable to drive and elevate the one Europe of Nations into a spiritual, humane and civilized unity.

Within this aforementioned frame our Homeland, is undoubtedly heading towards its very absolute destruction. In the last decades, the political oligarchies that sit on the driver’s seat, have climbed into power through spurius electoral laws that they themshelves established and voted for, in contradiction to what is dictated by our democratic regim. Our Greece, without spirit, without ethics, allured by incompetent politicians for allegedly establishing a fake democracy, is now crawling into the crippled paths of an inhumane and unethical Europe, within the poisoned environment of modern intelligentsia and seeking desperately to secure its daily bread in the garbage bins of the allegedly humanistic West.

Our country has lost a huge part of its national dominion. The state’s authority, be it executive, legislative or judicial, has lost its cause and purpose, allured by the unsuccessful political system and false promises of the allegedly united Europe. The essential political decisions are taken out of Brussels. Our economy, following a well premeditated plan, is bankrupt and "supported" exlusively through the loans granted by our “associates” of the European Union and the IMF. The Greek Parliament cannot vote for any law without prior approval from our creditors. A significant portion of public assets is liquidised and/or used as financial warrantee to borrow more money; such funds are never used to the benefit of the Greek people and State, they are simply diverted to repay back the monsterous interests of a fake and unethical debt, which was manufactured very creatively in order to place a permanent control mechanism of our Homeland.

Our educational system is vanishing. The Greek Orthodox Church, who has always constituted the feeding bearer of our Genous, is slandered and contemned by the government - aiming overtly into a deliberate degradation of its ordinance. Our Military Forces and Security Bodies are disdained. In-country production, trade, small businesses and our industry are irreparably afflicted. The flow of hundreds of thousands of multi-ethnic and multi-religious illegal immigrants forms a threat of immense proportions to our social integrity, homogeneity of our population and to in-country security. The once glorious Greece, belonging to Greeks, is changing proprietor without a fight. Our admirable Homeland is being totally sold out for peanuts! Today Greece is “changing hands” due to the applicability of criminal political acts by the Governments in power over the recent years!

So, we are appealing to you !

  • To those of you who believe that our Country should remain Greek and Orthodox.
  • To those of you that you would like to regain back our lost dignity and pride.
  • To those of you that are devastated witnessing the unconditional sell out of every material, spiritual and cultural asset.
  • To those of you who comprehend that, despite the onerous austerity measures - which lead our people into poverty, the debt and unemployment rates are in fact increasing.
  • To those that would like to learn the truth about our real debt and bare witness the attribution of rightful dues back to Greece.
  • To those youngsters that are fairly in rage of us - delivering to them a bankrupt Greece in a catastrophic state.
  • To those youngsters that are witnessing the incompetent governments of the last few decades depriving them from the right for employment and forcing them to flee abroad.
  • To those parents that are seeing your children, their flesh and blood, fleeing abroad in seeking employment, as our pathetic politicians cannot provide the simple ability to live and prosper in the very land that bore them.
  • To those of you seeing your businesses being crushed through disproportionate taxation and inevitably shrinking or shutting down.
  • To those of you that are left unemployed and seeing your houses being confiscated as a result of the application of the anti-constitutional austerity measures imposed through the memorandums of shame.
  • To those of you experiencing the reduction of your salary or pension over 50%, affiliated to the incompetency of the recent governments whilst a significant portion of our Politians that never worked before in heir entire life, live handsomely in wealth at the expense of their people.
  • To those who understand that Greece is deliberately filled with foreign immigrants in order to alter by force our Ethnic, Cultural and Religious identity.
  • To those that cannot stand experiencing the daily violation of our Constitution, the humiliation of our Parliament which is becoming an object of ridicule, and the depreciation of our Democracy.
  • To those of you that can understand that the present political system is totally damaged and corrupt; a real restart of our State calls for a brand new political form based on justice and progress.
  • To those of you witnessing the absolute decline of our Educational, Health System and Welfare; our Military Forces and Security Bodies are downgraded and fading away whilst our Justice system, being manipulated from those in power, is unable and unwilling to execute on their very purpose of existence.
  • To those of you who believe that we can overcome this financial crisis based on our own strengths, with hard work and utilization of our national products and resources which can secure our autonomy.
  • To those of you who visualize a well organized State, with decentralized management and communalism based upon districtal growth and social collaboration. We neither need oppressors nor the “armies” of political parties to execute upon this vision.
  • To those of you that are anxious of our demographic problem and are willing to make a model out of the Greek family and its values, as a fundamental component of our society.
  • To those of you who consider that our strategy of external affairs should be drawn fundamentally under the unique criteria of maximization of our National benefit.
  • To those of you who wish to see justice over our enslaved brethren.
  • To those wanting to regain back the glory of classical Greece and the splendour of Byzantium.
  • To those that cannot stand any more lies and deceptions.
  • To those wishing to set out an exemplary legal punishment to the parties responsible for brining our county to the dust.
  • To those fighting for righteousness.
  • To those of you who feel in debt to our ancestors as much as to the new generations.
  • To those of you who tear at the hoist of our flag.
  • To those of you who can break the chains of our slavery with the power of your Greek soul.

Come with us! Join us !

We have decided, as the least of duties owed to our country, to establish this new political movement under the name of ‘Eleftheri Patrida”, in order to serve with disinterestedness and trasnparency the operation of our democratic regime and heritage and fight towards the rebirth of Greece and "Romosioni".

This is because we can when we unite !

Because we are responsible for our actions. We do not have the right to had over to the forthcoming generations a country in its present state.

Because we believe in a better tomorrow.

Because we believe that the values of our Greek Orthodox faith comprise the one and idealistic background upon which the ideal way of living within the Greek society can be based upon, whilst remains to be the only way out.

We have a dream, to see our Homeland as it deserves to be !

To see Hellenism and Orthodoxy bringing the light, peacefully, to the entire world!

For our Homeland! For Democracy! For the people !

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