Our vision

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EPA daphni ModifiedA free homeland ! (“Eleftheri Patrida”)

Free to be able to draw its course without being liege to decision making centres outside of Greece.

Free to select strategic international alliances, agreements and investors, aiming into public beneficiary and mutual success, not into profiteering upon Greece.

Free to utilize its natural resources without outselling highly profitable assets for peanuts!

Free to leverage and build upon its youth, building a new Greece, the one of development, quality, credibility, reliability and transparency – stop the brain drain now!

Free to maintain its cultural identity, its heritage, history and tradition, its borders and geographical dominion, as have been secured by its thousands of martyrs and heroes throughout the centuries.

Our motto is hard work, disinterestedness, “filotimo!”, ethics, transparency, tradition and our faith !

Join us to fight together for a free country ! A free homeland! An “Eleftheri Patrida!

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