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We are «Eleftheri Patrida» ! (Translated “Free Homeland”). A new political movement of every thinking Greek that loves its country and wants to live free – as delivered to us through the bloodshed of our Martyrs and Heroes throughout the centuries!

Believing into the unalterable values of the Hellenic heritage whilst wathcing our homeland led into bankruptcy, social, cultural, ethical and spiritual degradation, being outsold, emasculated in its defence, becoming internationally isolated, de-nationalized and de-Christianised, we will fight for freeing our Homeland targeting upon:

  1. The re-organization of our national educational system under the auspices of our Greek Orthodox faith.
  2. The deferment of onerous generic and tax-related measures, applied thus far, which have led our people into poverty and oppression. Debt reduction and quittance adjustment should prevail whilst targeting for economical growth and unemployment rate reduction.
  3. Productive reconstitution with special emphasis on protogenic production and exploitation of our mineral resources whilst providing the means of supporting entrepreneurship of Greek businesses home and abroad.
  4. Invest in our youth at all levels, put a strategy in place to stop the brain drain and provide incentives to repatriate the newly migrated young people seeking employment abroad.
  5. Active collaboration with Expatriate Greeks in the efforts of reconstituting our homeland.
  6. Apply innovative standards for the sound and effective state organization whilst making public administration agnostic to political party orientations.
  7. Rationalization of public organizations and service provisioning bodies with concurrent reassessment of privatization which should not be executed unconditionally and by default.
  8. Salvage our political and social Democracy whilst converting our Houses of Parliament into a venue of sound political operation under the auspices of shear Democracy, worthy of our historical heritage.
  9. Bring to justice and set out a punitive paradigm to those responsible for our bankruptcy and ethical decline of our country.
  10. Rebuild the justice system, which should become and act as an independent body aiming into the restoration of fairness towards our people.
  11. Solve the uncontrollable migration problem with main criteria the survival of our Genus.
  12. Tackle the demographic problem and elevate family status and values as fundamental cells of our society.
  13. Reinforce our Military Forces and Security Bodies and reinstate them as the guardians of our territorial integrity and national security.
  14. Draw a sound defence strategy, under the criteria of protecting our national interests; bring Turkey into Justice at international Courts for encouraging illegal migration to Greece as well as for its provocative and illegal positioning on the Aegean Sea, Thrace and Cyprus.
  15. Construct a strong political, defensive and financial backbone between Cyprus and Greece, aiming for piece, security and balance in the Mediterranean basin.

We are calling out to every Greek to abolish any type of political-party identity of the past and renounce those responsible for their consistent experimental failures brought into our Homeland, who are failing by definition to save it from the devastation that hey themselves brought on to it, no matter how they desperately reorganize themselves and bring new faces around by means of recycling! Follow us together as genuine democrats to give together our fair fight for reinstating of our country and the resurgence of Romiosini!

For the Glory of God and our HomeLand !

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